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Our Staff

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Our Staff

Our Senior Team

Miss M. Drake Executive Headteacher
Mr P. Murphy Head of School, DSL
Mrs R. Griggs Deputy Headteacher, DSL
Mrs C. Bays Assistant Headteacher
Mrs A. Pugh Assistant Headteacher
Miss E. Pavitt Senior Teacher
Miss A. Knight Senior Teacher
Mr J. Wahab Senior Teacher


Year & Class Name Teacher Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. McQuaid Miss A. Blackwell,

Miss M. Nicholas,

Mrs P. Millard

Miss A. Leo

Miss H. Bennett
Year 1BB
Bus Driver
Miss K. Burgess & Miss J. Brown Mrs L. Harvey
Year 1KB
Key Worker
Miss A. Knight and Miss J. Brown Mrs J. Lamb
Year 2P
Postal Service
Mrs A. Pugh Mrs L. McGlynn
Year 2Y
Youth Counsellor
Mrs P. York
Year 3G
General Practitioner(GP)
Miss S. Gordon

Mrs C. Lumley

Mrs S. Walters

Year 3W
Weather Reporter
Mr J. Wahab Mrs M. Lawrence
Year 4B
Fire Brigade
Mr O. Beckham

Miss A. Leo

Miss K. O’Grady

Year 4C
Charity Worker
Mr G. Cordwell
Year 5BR
Biologist & Radiologist
Miss K. Bonfield & Miss A. Rana

Miss C. Mills

Mrs H. Salter

Year 5W
World News Correspondent
Miss F. Wright
Year 6BP
British Transport Police
Mrs C. Bays and Mrs G. Pietrzak Mrs V. Waving
Year 6P
Mrs E, Pavitt Mrs J. Gur

Our Specialist Teachers

Mr K. Kamil Sports Teacher
Mrs C. Marsh PPA Teacher
Mrs B. Ward Catch Up Lead

Our Support Staff

Miss S. Dennison Business Manager and PA to Executive Headteacher
Miss J. Tasker Senior Administrative Officer
Mrs R. Bhaugeerutty Administrative Officer
Miss G. Millington Administrative Officer
Mrs J. Vincett SENCo, DDSL
Mrs C. Beeton Family Support Worker, DDSL
Mrs E. Berth-Jones Pastoral Support, DDSL

Our Midday Supervisors

Miss A. Blackwell
Mrs N. Gillman
Mrs A. Hilton
Mrs J. King
Mrs J. Lamb
Mrs M. Lawrence
Mrs P. Millard
Miss M. Nicholas
Miss K. O’ Grady
Mr J. Pitt
Mrs S. Squires

Our Breakfast Club Care Workers

Mrs M. Lawrence Miss M. Nicholas

Our After School Club Workers

Miss A. Blackwell – Lead  
Mrs J. King Mrs P. Millard Miss M. Nicholas Miss A. Rana

Our Premises Staff

Mr P. York Site Team Lead
Ms P. Harper Cleaner
Mrs L. Hunt Cleaner
Mrs J. Lamb Cleaner
Ms I. Neto Cleaner
Mrs S. Squires Cleaner

Our Kitchen Staff

Miss C. Holmes Head of Primary Kitchens
Miss M. Bari  
Miss L. Davies  
Mrs F. Spiteri  
Mrs W. Woodward