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Children are expected to attend school for at least 96% of the time.

  • Attendance of 96% is regarded as good by Ofsted

  • Attendance below 96% is a cause for concern and needs improvement.

  • Children with attendance below 90% are regarded as Persistent absentees and referred immediately to the Education Welfare Service this may lead to a fine being issued to the parent or carer.

96% attendance means attending school for at least 181 days out of 190 in the school year.

Every day at school is precious Missing School = Missing Out

Make the most of your child’s education – bring her/him to school every day on time

Patterns of absence

If your child has:

  • 3 or more ‘odd days’ absence in any one half term and/or


  • 3 or more episodes of illness in any one term and /or

  • Off school on the same days each week (e.g. Mondays or Fridays) and/or

  • Arrived after 9.30 a.m. more than once and /or

  • Attendance is below 96% then a meeting will be sought to discuss ways to improve and a referral to Education Welfare Service will be considered.

Absences Adjacent to a Holiday

Should your child be absent for any reason either immediately before or after a school holiday or other enforced closure (such as when the school is closed for Polling Day) you MUST provide evidence to support the absence. Where no evidence is provided, the absence will remain unauthorised and a fixed penalty notice may be issued.

Exceptional or Special Leave

Children may have one day’s absence for each recognised religious observance. In other EMERGENCY, EXCEPTIONAL or SPECIAL circumstances, parents or carers MUST make a request to the Head of School for short periods of leave. Evidence is essential in order to support an application.

NO Permission for Absence for a Holiday

Permission for absence for a holiday, for travelling to or visiting relatives will NOT be given unless the circumstances are considered to be exceptional. Families who do take holidays in term time may be issued with a fixed penalty notice.